Company News

  • Are you looking for a reliable metal machining service provider that can deliver quality and cost-effective solutions? Look no further than Haozhifeng Machinery®. With a team of highly skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, we are committed to providing our customers with the best CNC machining services available.


  • Stainless steel machining has become increasingly popular in various industries due to its excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and durability. In the production of these machined parts, CNC machining coupled with advanced grinding services has become the go-to solution for high-quality, precise components. Haozhifeng Machinery®, a leading provider of mechanical processing, provides custom stainless steel machining and grinding services with CNC precision to meet their clients' exact needs.


  • Haozhifeng®, a manufacturing company specializing in pole line hardware, street light arms, and transmission line clamps, has been at the forefront of providing high-quality hot line clamps and power fittings. For companies looking to maintain their power systems and ensure reliable and efficient operations, hot line clamps have proven to be an indispensable tool. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using hot line clamps and power fittings and why they should be a key part of your electrical infrastructure.


  • As a leading gate valve supplier and manufacturer, Haozhifeng® has been providing high-quality valve products for over a decade. We are committed to offering our customers a range of reliable and cost-effective valve solutions to support their operations.


  • As a leading provider of CNC machining and casting services, Haozhifeng® is proud to announce the addition of new members to our already strong working team. We always strive to provide the best possible sale service to our customers, and we are excited to welcome our new staff members from Pakistan who will help us achieve that goal. In this article, we want to share our excitement with our customers and showcase the professional team we have in place to serve them.


  • Precision customization is a critical component of gaining a competitive edge in today's highly competitive market. In order to help customers achieve high-quality and efficient production of their products, Haozhifeng® offers excellent CNC machining solutions.