Sheet Metal Bending Bracket Parts
  • Sheet Metal Bending Bracket PartsSheet Metal Bending Bracket Parts
  • Sheet Metal Bending Bracket PartsSheet Metal Bending Bracket Parts
  • Sheet Metal Bending Bracket PartsSheet Metal Bending Bracket Parts
  • Sheet Metal Bending Bracket PartsSheet Metal Bending Bracket Parts
  • Sheet Metal Bending Bracket PartsSheet Metal Bending Bracket Parts

Sheet Metal Bending Bracket Parts

Haozhifeng® is one of the Sheet metal bending bracket parts suppliers and manufacturers from China. The components are made from sheet metal bent into a bracket shape. These brackets are commonly used in various industries, including construction, automotive, electronics, and manufacturing. They serve as support or mounting structures for other components, providing stability and structural integrity.

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Product Description

Qingdao Haozhifeng Machinery Co.,Ltd. Established in 2008, we specialize in the production of zinc alloy/aluminum alloy die-castings and sheet metal fabrication for machine component.In a timely and efficient manner, our premium service team communicates with customers to determine their needs and then accurately relays them to our technical department. In order to meet customers' needs in terms of cost, product quality, and production stability, etc., our superior engineer team uses their professional knowledge to provide them with the best solutions.

Haozhifeng Stamping offers high quality, sheet metal bending bracket parts custom precision metal stampings. We start with a custom design for your project, accounting for even the smallest features and tightest tolerances, and build stamping dies in-house. We will ensure that your part is manufactured to your exact specifications and the highest quality standards.  In the aerospace, electronic, and medical industries,

The process of sheet metal bending involves applying force to a sheet metal piece to deform it into a desired angle or shape. Bending is typically achieved using specialized machines called press brakes, which have tools such as punches and dies to shape the metal. The brackets can be bent to different angles and configurations depending on the specific application requirements.

Sheet metal bending brackets can have a wide range of designs and sizes, depending on the intended use. They may feature holes, slots, or other features for mounting, attachment, or passage of other components. The choice of sheet metal material, such as steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, depends on factors like strength requirements, environmental conditions, and cost considerations.

These brackets are often used in conjunction with other hardware, such as screws, bolts, or rivets, to secure them in place and provide a secure connection. They are commonly utilized in structural support systems, equipment mounting, electrical enclosures, brackets for fixtures or shelves, and many other applications where a rigid, bent metal structure is needed.

Overall, sheet metal bending bracket parts are versatile components that provide strength, support, and stability in various industries and applications.

Sheet Metal Bending Bracket Parts Parameter (Specification)


In accordance with your drawing (size, material, thickness, processing content, and required technology, etc.)


Carbon steel, SPCC, SGCC, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, etc.


Laser Cutting, Precision Stamping, Bending, CNC Punching, Threading, Riveting, Drilling, Welding etc

Surface Treatment

Brushing, Polishing, Anodizing, Powder Coating, Plating, Silkscreen printing, Sandblast, etc


+/-0.2mm,Quality inspection is conducted before delivery, and quality inspection forms can be provided


Silk print, Laser marking.


Accept custom size.


White, black,silver, red, grey, Pantone and RAL, etc

Drawing format



lead time

No surface treatment, 1-3 workdays. 

Require surface treatment, 3-5 workdays.

Pricing Term

EXW, FOB, CIF, etc

Payment term

Sample: 100% payment before production 

Mass production: (50% in advance as deposit, balance before delivery)



Product Feature And Application

Production Equipment

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