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Choose Haozhifeng® As Your Preferred CNC Precision Machining Partner


Choose Haozhifeng® As Your Preferred CNC Precision Machining Partner

The greatest compliment we received from one of our many returning customers is to hear that “We care more!” Our toolmakers and machinists take personal pride in the products they manufacture for our customers.

Haozhifeng® will go to great lengths to provide the highest quality products and top-notch customer service. We strive to ask the right questions upfront, to understand the complete manufacturing process, to anticipate problems before they happen, and to keep you informed during the entire manufacturing process.

Many job shops will walk away from operations they do not do in-house. We embrace these challenges with a proven network of partners who we work with to seamlessly deliver finished results.

Promises to Deliver:

·         Strong Project Management

·         Timely Communication

·         Hands-On Technical Expertise from Concept to Delivery

·         Single Point of Contact Management of Our Proven Network of Outside Partners to Meet Your Total Project Requirements

·         Commitment to Uncovering and Eliminating Potential Problems Before They Happen

·         The Highest Quality Product

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