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You should be looking forward to these trends in the Die Casting industry this year:


Die casting automation for aluminum

New automation solutions are expected to come to market in 2023, one of the key trends in aluminum die casting. Aluminum die casting relies on highly efficient and accurate industrial automation solutions. We will see new solutions and partnerships with automation providers, especially on the use of AI and robotics in industry automation. Die casting being one of the focus applications.

New aluminum die casting methods

Like most other manufacturers, aluminum die casting companies are constantly experimenting with new methods and techniques and looking for new ways to create high-quality metal products. Many die casting stakeholders are investing in innovation and R&D owing to market demand. This will definatly improve efficiency, production costs, and the quality of the end product which overall great for everyone including the customers.

Low-pressure die casting

This is a relatively modern aluminum die casting method where molten aluminum is injected into a die under low pressure. using a plunger pump or any other mechanism. Manufacturers today use this method to produce high-strength aluminum parts that incorporate intricate designs and features.

Vacuum die casting

Vacuum die casting has gained popularity in recent years, especially in electronics and automotive parts manufacturing. This method involves injecting molten aluminum into a die under vacuum. The vacuum is used to fill the die cavity thus eliminating the need for external pressure sources. It is favored because it minimizes porosity and surface defects.

Thinwall Die Casting

More metal die casting companies are utilizing thinwall die casting for complex thin-walled die-cast aluminum parts that have enjoyed great demand in recent years. Thinwall die casting involves injecting aluminum liquid into a die under pressure. Thinwall aluminum die casting is likely to enjoy great demand in 2023 as electronic and automotive manufacturers rush to meet demand for parts and new products.

Squeeze Die Casting

Squeeze die casting is another modern method that will enjoy usage in many industries where intricate parts are needed. It involves using a plunger to force liquid aluminum into a die under very high pressure.