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Turkish customers visit our company bringing new business prospects


Recently, Qingdao Haozhifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. has welcomed a group of distinguished Turkish customers. The two sides had an in-depth meeting and exchange in the company, and visited the factory production line, and had a heated discussion on technical issues. This exchange not only enhanced the understanding and trust between the two sides, but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

During the meeting, the representative of our company first introduced the company's development history, business areas and recent achievements to the Turkish customer. Subsequently, we exchanged our respective technical advantages and market experience, and jointly discussed how to better meet customer needs, improve product quality and reduce costs under the current market environment.

Then we took the Turkish customer on a tour of our factory and the Turkish customers expressed strong interest in our company's production equipment and process. They inquired in detail about the operation process and technical details of each link, and had an in-depth discussion with the technical staff of our company. Through on-site visits, Turkish customers have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of our company's production capacity and technical level.

At lunchtime, we had lunch together in the restaurant, which further deepened the friendship between us. At the table, everyone spoke freely, shared their respective culture and customs, and the atmosphere was harmonious and warm. This exchange not only deepened the understanding and trust between the two sides, but also injected new vitality into future cooperation.

The visit of the Turkish customer is an important result of the company's internationalization strategy. Our company will continue to uphold the concept of "openness, cooperation and win-win", and work together with global partners to create a better future. In the coming days, our company is looking forward to cooperating with Turkish customers in more fields to jointly promote the progress and development of the industry. At the same time, we will continue to improve our own strength and service level to provide better products and services for customers around the world.

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