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​Understanding the Different Knurling Patterns in Industrial Engineering


Haozhifeng® is a leading manufacturer of precision-machined parts, specializing in CNC machining of stainless steel parts. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and experienced team of industrial engineers allow us to produce high-quality machined parts to our clients' exact specifications.

One of the most important processes we use in CNC machining is knurling. Knurling is the process of creating a pattern of ridges or teeth on a cylindrical or conical surface to improve grip and prevent slipping. There are different types of knurling patterns used in industrial engineering, each with its unique advantages and applications.

Straight Knurling

Straight knurling is the most common type of knurling pattern. It is characterized by straight, parallel ridges that run along the axis of the cylinder. Straight knurling is easy to produce, and it provides good grip and anti-slip properties. It is often used in hand tools, fasteners, and other applications where a secure grip is essential.

Diamond Knurling

Diamond knurling is a more intricate pattern that consists of diagonally intersecting ridges that form diamond-shaped teeth. Diamond knurling provides excellent grip in both directions, making it ideal for applications where the operator needs to rotate the object being gripped. This type of knurling is often used in knobs, handles, and other industrial parts.

Knurled Beads

Knurled beads are essentially tiny, continuous diamonds formed along the length of the cylindrical surface. This type of knurling is characterized by its precision and its ability to create a consistent pattern over long lengths. Knurled beads are often used in shafts, spindles, and other precision parts, where they provide a highly tactile gripping surface.

Knurled Rings

Knurled rings are characterized by a circular pattern of ridges. This type of knurling provides excellent grip and is often used in applications where rotation is necessary, such as the adjustments on a telescope or microscope.

Haozhifeng® has extensive experience in CNC machining parts and stainless steel machining, including precision knurling of various types. Our expert engineers can help you determine the best knurling pattern for your application, as well as produce high-quality parts to your exact specifications.

In conclusion, different types of knurling patterns are used in industrial engineering to provide better grip and prevent slipping. Straight knurling is the most common type of pattern, while diamond knurling, knurled beads, and knurled rings are more intricate patterns that provide different benefits depending on the application. Haozhifeng® is a top CNC machining parts provider with expertise in precision machining, stainless steel machining, and knurling. Contact us today to learn more.