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Process flow of non-standard parts processing


For box parts, generally speaking, the main

hole is used as the rough reference to produce and process the plane, and then

the plane is used as the fine reference to produce and process the hole system;

for shaft parts, the outer circle is generally used as the rough reference to

process the center hole, and then the

The center hole is used to process other surfaces such as the outer

circle and the end face of the precision reference.  If there are several fine datums, the

processing of the base surface and the main surface should be arranged

according to the order of datum conversion and the principle of further

improving the machining accuracy.


specific working principles of non-standard parts processing can be divided

into four levels:


main surface of a part is generally a surface with relatively high processing

accuracy or surface quality requirements. The quality of their production and

processing products has a great influence on the product quality of a whole

part, and there are often many processing procedures, so it should be  Arrange the processing of the main surface

first, and then arrange the processing of other surfaces appropriately to

intersect among them.  Usually, the

assembly base surface, working surface, etc. are regarded as the main surface,

and the keyway, light hole and screw hole for fastening are regarded as the

secondary surface.